Pope Leo had indicated how Eugene should proceed with his request for approbation.

Lest I did not retain the name of the secretary whom he designated to me, he extended his kindness to the point of looking in his desk for a half sheet of paper, he moved the pen and ink stand towards me and handed me the pen so that I might write at his dictation. “Go to M. the Archpriest (that was the secretary) on my behalf and tell him to make his report to me on Friday, which is the day of his audience.”

Letter to Henri Tempier, 22 December 1825, EO VI n 213

It was clear that the Pope was favorably impressed – and that he wanted the Archpriest to study the request and make his report within three days!

In his journal, Eugene gave further details. He refers to the specific questions that he had posed to the Pope, and then continues on how to go about presenting the material for apporbation

In a word, he granted me everything I requested. Having the consideration himself of indicating a special person to whom I should speak for a certain matter, he took the trouble of trying to recall where the person lived; he at least told me where he worked and where I would be sure to find him; but since he was afraid I would not remember his name, the Holy Father pressed his kindness so far as to take a square piece of paper from his desk, himself moved the inkwell over to me and handed me the pen for me to write it down. I must confess that I was so confused and I was deeply moved; and I kept that address, written with the Pope’s pen, out of respect and at the same time a souvenir of his boundless goodness. I am only sorry that, having written it while kneeling and at the edge of the Holy Father’s desk on which there was a pile of papers, it is only a scribble.

Roman Diary, 20 December 1825, EO XVII


“Through hard work, perseverance and a faith in God, you can live your dreams.”   Benjamin Carson

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  1. Eleanor Rabnett, Oblate Associate says:

    “He granted me everything I requested” The title alone says it all. And even now, knowing already the response of the Pope and the success of Eugene’s mission I find myself smiling and there is an urge to celebrate. In giving the paper and pen to Eugene to write down the address of where the Archpriest (?) worked the Pope was indicating that this was as important and urgent to him and the church as it was to Eugene. I find a part of myself singing softly “O happy day…” in the background of my mind. I want to laugh as Eugene shares how he wrote the information that the Pope had given to him. In his haste and excitement, in his joy he scribbled and I wonder if later on he was even able to read what he had written down on that small patch of paper.

    “He granted me everything I requested.” I find myself repeating these words over and over, softly, but with an immense and ever deepening sense of joy and gratitude. It is my heart which sings this phrase because God has given to me everything I have ever dared to ask for. In fact more because there is in my experience of his love more than I knew to be. It is as if I have asked for a small patch of ground to sit on and have been given the universe. The immensity of God’s love is such that I cannot fully comprehend it, I can but experience it with ever deepening gratitude and joy. Words alone cannot express depth and richness of this love.

    Yesterday we awoke to find our part of the world wrapped in snow, a world softened and wrapped with a blanket of light and quiet. It was as if God had wrapped everything in wonder and quiet peace. I became like a small child as I walked down the road, stopping to take pictures of incredible beauty. Wanting to capture it all and store it away so that I would be able to bring it out later when the noise and the color of life turned it to browns and greys. This morning as I awoke I found myself singing “ubi caritas” and now I hear the wind outside calling, almost moaning. I will get ready to start another day, wrapped in the realisation that I have been given all, even more than I requested.

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