The time was approaching for Eugene to meet with the Pope and to ask for his formal approbation of the Oblates. He was worried because there was a “general policy in place in which the Pope was not giving approbation to new religious congregations, but rather a blessing and encouragement for the good work – which was not what Eugene wished for

Immediately after my Mass, I went to the Vatican to see His Eminence, the Cardinal Secretary of State. This time, we conversed in Italian. He was kind enough to tell the Holy Father of my desire to kiss his feet and have an audience with him. The Holy Father gladly granted this favor. The Cardinal gave me some instructions on what to do. When I am ready, he will present me himself, if I so desire.

Roman Diary, 16 December 1825, EO XVII

 Now I can delay no longer and all the more so because when Mgr. Mazio asked for an audience for me, he had the kindness to say to this prelate: “But I am waiting for him; the Cardinal Secretary has already informed me.” If you only knew how apprehensive I am on seeing the moment come when I shall explain to him the principal purpose of my journey!
… In any event, I have armed myself with all natural and supernatural aids by praying, asking for prayers, offering Mass, invoking all the saints with all the fervor I could call upon. God will now guide his Vicar’s heart. I shall neglect nothing in explaining my request, nothing whatever that is apt to make the most impression on his mind; I have put down in writing the principal points and shall leave them in his hands. But if there is a general policy that opposes us, we must be resigned and consider ourselves fortunate to have what we have already obtained.

Letter to Henri Tempier, 18 December 1825, EO VI n 212


“Trust in God, you people, at all times. Pour out your hearts to God, God is a refuge for us.”     Psalm 62:8

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  1. Eleanor Rabnett, Oblate Associate says:

    I love this posting today. Eugene has done all that he can, prayed in all the ways that he can pray. The time of waiting is coming to an end and one can taste his anxiousness. But he is strong, there is hope and above all there is absolute trust in God. He has done all that he can and the rest is up to God. “God will now guide his Vicar’s heart.”

    Sometimes when I want something so very deeply, there is after a while, nothing that I can do but put it into the hands of God. But it is hard to leave it there and even though I may have said to another that it is now in God’s hands, in the back of my mind I tend to want to hurry God, make double sure again and again that he has heard me. I find that I question him (more than once) all the while reminding myself that it God’s will, not mine. Then I try to go about my daily life, strong and continuing on as I had done before, but there is always that part of me that is waiting, expecting, hoping. My time is not necessarily God’s time and for sure the did not give me the name of patience. I can but try to live has he has invited me to live and remember all that he has given me. It has been more than I would ever have dreamed of asking for, beyond even what I could ever have imagined on my own. Even in the writing of these words, looking at the immense gratitude that fills me, there is still an unnamed yearning and hunger for more that is waiting in the background. It is not just nice words to help when I am waiting, it is real and lived. I think of my desire to be able to make a public commitment to the Oblates as an Oblate Associate (and for it to be received and accepted) and having to wait for the approval of those same persons as well as for a process that will make that a reality. It is I who have asked to walk with them, be in relationship with them. I feel keenly what Eugene was experiencing in a way.

    So I look at what God has given to me, this magnificent gift of living in the way that has been set before me, like a banquet, that I have been invited to take part in. Sharing in the very spirit of Eugene and his Oblates. I am learning more than I would ever have dreamed possible, with a joy and hunger for more than I knew existed. Eugene said “But if there is a general policy that opposes us, we must be resigned and consider ourselves fortunate to have what we have already obtained.” I look at all that I have and am, where I have been brought to and it so very much. And so as suggested by Frank’s choice of scripture I shall sing John Foley’s “Only is God will my soul be at rest
    From Him comes my hope, my salvation. He alone is my rock of safety, My strength, my Glory my God.” That says it all for this morning.

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