From tomorrow, the source of this daily reflection will be changing address from Provence to Texas.

As I travel today to begin a new ministry in San Antonio I am grateful for the privilege of becoming part of this great missionary tradition established by Eugene. I am conscious of the challenge to be faithful to the spirit with which he sent the Oblates there, and hopefully something of this will be reflected each day as Eugene de Mazenod speaks to us from the “Lone Star State”

Sending one of the early missionaries to the newly-established Oblate mission of Texas, Eugene had written:

Texas is a land of the future; use all your zeal and all your strength to arrive at good results for the glory of God, the salvation of souls and the honor of our Congregation, the only one, I believe, which is serving that infant Church.

Letter to Fr. Baudrand, 9 January 1853, O.W. II n.170

One hundred and sixty years later, these words proved to have been prophetic, and the good results have continued to be plentiful until today.

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3 Responses to HEADING FOR TEXAS!

  1. Eleanor Rabnett, Oblate Associate says:

    Welcome Eugene and you too Frank, to North America. Looks like Eugene at least is comfortable and fitting right in there. What a delightful way to start the day!

    I continue to find myself in awe and amazement of our God who seems to send us others who will continue to speak to us of what we each need to hear, learn and love. Be they missionaries 160 years ago, to missionaries today. They come in the form of teachers, friends, pastors, wise men and women. We find ourselves and God in each other. Recognition and reflection. No matter where we/I turn I hear and share the same focus and ways of being. One can almost visualize peoples from all times and places turning and moving toward one focal point (our God) and each other. We are coming in step with each other, in tune with each other and the threads of connection grow stronger. It is as if we read each others thoughts and begin to come together and move as one. Communion.

  2. Denyse Mostert says:

    Bienvenue dans le Nouveau Monde à “Eugene nous parle” et à Frank, son fidèle porte-parole…

  3. Paul Howard, OMI Associate of Toronto says:

    Welcome to North America! May all go well in your work at the OST. Please feel free to tell us what you will be doing.
    On Monday 30-40 former Oblates will be gathering at Galilee in Arnprior ON, for many their former St Theresa’s Novitiate. All of us feel a deep link to the Community, and appreciate the welcome that has been consistent over the years. In the book An Infinity of Little Hours the story of 5 young men who joined the Carthusians in Parkminster south of London, 4 of the 5 left the life of this most rigorous of communities. The comment was made, once a Carthusian, always a Carthusian in terms of prayer life, need for contemplative space and silence, etc. I feel the same about my 20 years in community. The call to mission in the church, the call to prayer, to meditation etc., is as deep if not deeper than before.

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