Eugene’s statement of the importance of his baptism anniversary was no exaggeration. Throughout his life he solemnly celebrated this anniversary of his life in Jesus Christ

The Reverend Director reminded the congregants that the next day would be his birthday, but that this commemoration had no value in his eyes. What is infinitely more precious for him is the anniversary of his baptism which took place on August 2, 1782. He begged all the congregants to help him thank God for so great a grace, for which he declared he can never be grateful enough and asked them to join their prayers with his, which stand in need of this support if he is to summon up the hope of seeing them accepted by God.

Diary of the Aix Christian Youth Congregation, 31 July 1814, EO XVI,

The next Diary entry refers to this event:

A number of congregants thought they could find no better way of following the Director’s wishes than by coming and assisting and uniting themselves with the Holy Sacrifice he offered this morning in the chapel of the Congregation.
Diary of the Aix Christian Youth Congregation, 2 August 1814, EO XVI,
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