The restoration of the monarchy made it possible for the youth congregation to come out into the open. Here Eugene gives an idea of their activities on their days of meeting:

We began today to profit from these advantages by celebrating the Holy Mysteries in the chapel which will henceforth be the oratory of the Congregation, and in prefacing and following on the Sacrifice with the recitation of the Office of the Blessed Virgin. Here is the order which was followed and which is adopted for the future. The congregants being gathered in the chapel at the time fixed by the regulation, the Prefect intones Matins after which the Director gives the instruction which is followed by Lauds. After Lauds comes Mass, then the Little Hours which crown the morning’s exercises.
In the afternoon we come together again to say Vespers of the Blessed Virgin, and to assist at the reading and its explanation given by the Director. The rest of the time until nightfall was given up to games.

Diary of the Aix Christian Youth Congregation ,
15 May 1814, O.W. XVI

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