Eugene expressed his guiding ideals for working with the youth in a letter to his friend Father Forbin Janson. What is clear is that Eugene wanted these young men to become yeast in Aix. Through their formation they could become leaven in the “dough” of all the young people of Aix that they came into contact with.

You know what my intention is in setting up this association:
it is to form Christians worthy of bearing this name,
to give instruction to those young people who, without my help would never have got beyond the basic text of the catechism,
to separate them from dangerous company, and
hold them by the attraction of amusements suitable to their age.

To Forbin-Janson, June 1814 in O.W. XV n 125

It was because Eugene was clear on his goals and his methods that the youth congregation was a success and bore fruit.

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