After the week of reflections on the Spanish martyrs, I pick up the thread that we have been following for many weeks on the Youth Congregation started by Eugene in Aix in 1813. We have seen the concern that the members were expected to show for one another in the case of illness. Today’s reflection deals with the death of a member of the Congregation.

The moment that the members of the Youth Congregation became aware of the death of one of its members, they each had a responsibility to accompany him in prayer.

ART. 55. The Prefect informs all members of the Congregation. The moment each is notified he is required to recite the psalm “Out of the Depths” and the prayer “Absolve him” or some similar prayer.

As many members as possible were expected to attend the funeral

ART. 58. All congregants are summoned to the funeral. They will meet in the chapel of the Congregation to recite the Office of the Dead, and from there they will go with the priests of the parish to the home of the deceased, whom they will accompany to the grave…

After the funeral:

ART. 59. On the first Thursday that is free, a service will be held in the chapel of the Congregation to which the family of the deceased will be invited.

Statuts, Chapitre XIV – Devoirs de la Congrégation envers les congréganistes § 3. — Envers les congréganistes morts


“If we believe, everything is illuminated and takes shape around us, risk no longer exists, and success takes on an incorruptible fullness; pain becomes a visit and a caress from God.”   Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

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