In seeing how these young people of the Youth Congregation grew into a closely bonded family, we can understand the level of concern when one of them became ill. It was an invitation to put their love for one another into practical action in teaching them that actions speak louder than words.

Art. 25. The infirmarians will be accompanied by the. Director during the first visit they will make to the patient. They will consult with the patient’s parents to decide together on the type of service that would be most useful. 

The parents of the sick youth would be approached by the infirmarians, who would offer to nurse their fellow-congregant throughout his illness. If the parents did not see this as being necessary, then the infirmarians would commit themselves to paying a visit to the patient twice a day. If the parents did accept the offer of help, then the congregants who were capable of helping were asked to place their names on a roster.

Art. 32. The infirmarians will then determine the service to be carried out by each of those who have been appointed then and the time when they will do it.
Art. 33. They will give to each one the advice that will be necessary to make their service more useful.

 Chapitre XIV, §2 Envers les congréganistes malades

The shortest answer is doing. ~Lord Herbert

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