As we read the list of religious practices that the congregants had to commit themselves to, we may need to be reminded that they were not monks, but young scholars or students – mostly adolescents. The fact that nearly 300 freely committed themselves to this shows that they found meaning in these practices and a source of strength to live their baptismal commitments.

Eugene founded the Youth Congregation to make its members a transforming force among the youth of Aix. If their prayer changed them, then they would change the situations in which they lived..

ARTICLE ONE. All the congregants, to whatever category they belong, shall observe punctually the regulations of the Congregation, so all must, among other things:
Art. 2.
1° attend Mass every day
2°do at least fifteen minutes of spiritual reading every day;
3° daily visit to our Lord Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament;
4° say the rosary of the Blessed Virgin every week;
5° go to confession every two weeks.

Statuts, Chapitre XIII – Obligations spirituelles des congréganistes


Prayer does not change God, but changes him who prays.  Soren Kierkegaard

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  1. Well the “business day” is almost over, but the day does continue. I am glad I read this reflection before dinner.
    As I reflect upon the religions of the world, each call for disciple (listening as a student does to their teacher) and asceticism (exercise/practice). It does en-flesh the spiritual life while bringing together the “body” / corporate nature of the group.
    In the past rules were rules to follow-surely not leading to a healthy spirituality, yet when rules are owned and re-address for the present day they can give life and stability.
    So how do we look at the NOW as we see the breathe of the de Mazanodian Family. Can we come up with a list that speaks to us NOW? And yes, in looking at history and tradition Oraison will be the key and with the open heart come our need for presence in a honest and transparent way.

  2. Just a note to follow, On this day after All Souls many Oblates get together to remember those who have died. This is part of the way we come together with in the de Mazenodian Family. Blessings Jack,omi

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