Eugene was aiming to form these young men into a corps that would be a force for good in the city. While they were impressionable, during their formative years, it was important that they be shielded from persons who could have a negative influence on them. As soon as they were capable of standing on their own feet, then they would be able to face the power of evil with courage and become a force for good in their society.

They will also avoid bad company as much as possible, convinced that they have a lot to lose with people who have no fear of God.
Their bad example is often destructive, or at the very least it cools the warmth of charity and the spirit of piety.

Règlements et Statuts de la Congrégation de la Jeunesse, 1813, p. 20

Jesus also told them a parable: “Can a blind person guide a blind person? Will not both fall into a pit? Luke 6:39

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3 Responses to STAYING IN FOCUS

  1. John Mouck says:

    Well isn’t that interesting, “They will also avoid bad company as much as possible.”
    So how does one reach out to those who may need reaching the most?
    I have even considered this at mass during the homily, thinking, “There you are preaching but the ones who really need to hear what you are saying are not here.”



  2. frank santucci says:

    Hey John, hang in there! Eugene was trying to form impressionable adolescents into becoming strong guys who would reach out to wherever there was evil – but they were young and impressionable to start off with. The “grown-ups” like Eugene and the Oblates reached out EXACTLY to those who needed it the most, the so-called “bad company”
    Thanks for being so present ot this site, John, I appreciate your support – even more so now that i have met you.

  3. Eleanor Rabnett, Oblate Associate says:

    Well not a reading I would have chosen for today – Am thinking perhaps something that could have helped me to ‘feel better’ – I did look two back and two forward because you can do that when it’s a year old. So here we are. The posting itself – I agreed a year ago and still do today – once a base is formed it can stand great pressure. No it’s what my mind keeps straying to.

    What keeps coming up within me today is two words – “spiritual direction”. It scares me a little to even write, because once I’ve said it then it’s out there, no pulling back. But it’s something that’s been coming up off and on for fore more than a few months and I need to explore it rather than back away. It’s got to be more than just a ‘feel good’ time of talking about where I am at a given point in my life or the wonderous gifts given by God. Yes to a time of discovery to a certain extent, but I find myself wanting more. I want/need to be challenged, asked and learn more. I cannot be here to impress anyone. Where the heck did that come from – but it is there. I want more Lord, I need more. I feel as if I come through the rapids (a good thing) and am in new waters. I am where I am supposed to be but a bit without (visible) direction, sort of afloat but rudderless. Not entirely a comfortable place to sit in. Eugene and his all for you. All that you’ve given me and still I want more. I look up to find cliffs all around, not bad but am a little wary of these unchartered waters. And the cross beckons.

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